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US does not support any political party in Bangladesh: special envoy

Pierre Hass. — File photo.

US Ambassador to Bangladesh Peter Haas said on Wednesday that the United States of America does not support any particular political party in Bangladesh.

“I want to make one thing clear here, that the United States does not support any particular political party,” Haas said at the monthly lunch meeting on “U.S.-Bangladesh Bilateral Relations: Business and trade as keys to expansion” in a city. Hotel.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Bangladesh organized the event.

He said, however, that the United States wants free and fair elections conducted in accordance with international standards so that the people of Bangladesh can freely choose their own government.

Free and fair elections do not take place in political violence, said the American diplomat.

He said Bangladesh needs democracy, transparency, good governance and respect for human rights, adding that democracy is particularly important at this time.

Everyone, including the Electoral Commission, the media, law enforcement, civil society and political parties, has an important role to play in a fair election. If one of them does not fulfill his responsibility, it is impossible to organize free and fair elections,” he said.

Referring to recent violence and protests by political parties in Bangladesh, the US diplomat feared that a free and fair election could not take place in an environment of political violence.

AmCham Bangladesh President, Syed Ershad Ahmed delivered the welcome speech and AmCham Bangladesh Vice President, Syed Mohammad Kamal gave a vote of thanks at the event.