Political organization

Violation of government officials’ rights could impact Sikkim’s progress: Political Organization

  • Sujal Pradhan, NET Correspondent, Sikkim

A Sikkim-based political organization – Reform Call has criticized the state government for banning government employees from holding leadership positions in organisations/associations, describing it as “an effort similar to that made by the previous government to restrict the involvement of any government employee, which had to be removed shortly after it was issued.

According to a press release issued by the organization, “Non-governmental organizations/associations play a central role in the holistic development of our society. Every citizen of this country has basic rights, including – the right to participate in growth; thus strengthening the community. In a state like Sikkim, where the state government is the largest employer, the impact of this law would be felt more strongly, as it would prevent them from contributing to the welfare of society.”

Reform Call believes that state government personnel are an important part of society and that excluding them from any organization would be counterproductive to the progress of the state.

“We believe that government personnel have the right to participate in any group and, perhaps, the freedom to communicate their political views and concerns without fear of reprisal,” the official statement read.

“Therefore, we strongly demand that the state administration withdraw the May 21, 2022 notification at the earliest.” – he added.