Political organization

Voters were incentivized financially Reports from civil society organizations

Obi said the Situation Room observed Ekiti’s gubernatorial election and would continue to closely monitor the process.

“Situation Room has received reports of large-scale vote buying by political party agents in all 16 local government areas of the state.

“In many cases voters were enticed with money ranging from N4,500 to N10,000 asking them to report completed ballot papers as proof of voting in the manner specified in what they call” see and buy.

“Situation Room strongly condemned this flagrant violation of election law.”

According to Obi, the election was generally peaceful, with voters behaving in a civil manner at most polling stations.

She said that the redistribution of voters carried out by the INEC still did not take into account the issue of the large number of voters in certain voting units.

She added that many new polling units had low voter numbers while old polling units remain overcrowded.

Obi said the group observed the early arrival of polling officials and campaign materials at 93% of polling stations.

She added that set-up was done quickly and polls started before 9 a.m. in at least 88% of locations.