Political organization

What is ASEAN? Let’s discuss the organization of 10 members from Southeast Asian countries!

ASEAN stands for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. Its annual summit took place from November 10 to 13 under the Cambodian presidency.

In the wake of the Ukrainian war and the rivalry between China and the United States, ASEAN aims to work on its concerns of interest such as promoting people-to-people connectivity and energy cooperation.

In a courageous statement by Joko Widodo, the Indonesian President, he laid out the idea of ​​a cold war at a time of tensions between China and the United States, and that ASEAN would not be considered a “proxy of no power”.

ASEAN comprises more than 700 million people and is absolutely essential for all its member states, including India.

India and ASEAN

India already has close ties with these member countries individually, but ASEAN as a group is also of major importance to the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made it clear that ASEAN is at the heart of the country’s Act East policy. The policy emphasizes the extended neighborhood in the Asia-Pacific region.

Originally, politics was seen as an economic endeavor, but gradually politics gained strategic importance. Cultural and political dimensions. These include the establishment of institutional mechanisms for dialogue and cooperation.

The country is part of the SEAN Plus 6 grouping, along with China, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand. In 2018, ASEAN leaders were invited as main guests in the Indian Republic Day Parade.

Moreover, it is important to note that in 2010, a free trade agreement also came into effect between ASEAN and India. Moreover, India was initially part of the negotiations to join the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), but ultimately decided against it.

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