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What is your lock violation score? Political campaigns tracked your obedience to the pandemic

Remember the rumors during Covid that your phone might be tracking your daily movements for contact tracing purposes? Well, they followed your actions, but not to mitigate the Covid cases; rather to win your vote.

More than 350,000 Republican voters received a score from left-leaning analytics firm PredictWise through a data collection program, Reclaim the Net first reported.

The data came from tens of millions of cell phones during the first Covid-19 lockdowns in 2020. Based on GPS-tracked movements, people associated with each phone were given a score of “COVID-19 Executive Order Violation “.

This violation score then determined potential voter targets among the Democratic candidates.

The third-party data company, which works with the Democratic National Committee to provide data on major state races, openly explains the monitoring process on its website.

The Covid-19 executive order violation scores were calculated by analyzing nearly two billion Global Positioning System (GPS) pings to obtain “ultra-granular real-time location patterns”. People who were “out and about more often than their neighbours” received a high violation score while those who “stayed most of the time or always at home” received a low Covid-19 violation score.

Essentially, obedient and conservative citizens during the Covid shutdowns have been targeted by progressive political campaigns.

Compliance equaled control and ultimately a gateway to more power.

Ultimately, more than 350,000 “Covid-affected” Republican voters fell prey to swing states for their unstable view of the pandemic. These targeted voters received campaign ads and other forms of persuasion that helped elect candidates such as current U.S. Senator Mark Kelly, a Democrat from Arizona who was in a tight 2020 race.

“​​PredictWise understood that there were potential pockets of voters to target with Covid-19 messaging and turned big-picture data covering over 100 million Americans into Covid-19 restriction compliance measures. 19 during deep lockdown,” the company explains.

Interestingly, the concern and persuasion of docile Republicans was almost as high as that of Democrats. Even more interestingly, docile Republicans over 65 were more concerned about Covid than Democrats.

While you, the reader, may be wondering if PredictWise has tracked your personal data, the answer is more than likely…yes.

PredictWise admitted that it tracks the opinions, attitudes and behaviors (location data, media consumption) of more than 260 million Americans. That’s 78% of the population.

This data collection breach is astounding and out of control. While this is not an issue raised directly by the federal government, it is an issue that always comes down to power, control, and the need for effective change in Washington.

But no doubt those in Washington who are running or will run political campaigns when they get reelected will want all the data they can get about voters in their constituencies.

Thus, the invasion of privacy will continue as it is supported by the establishment which needs accurate analysis to win.

What could this data be used for in the future? Could it be used to target citizens with a high level of lockdown violation? What’s even more disturbing is the data points they got that they don’t intend to release.

This is frightening for individual sovereignty.

Calling for a convention of the states can bring this issue to light and can address the invasion of third parties into our daily lives, such as the federal government.

Learn more about COS, sign the petition below and take action. These are unprecedented times in our American history.