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Why did you choose your political party, or no party at all?

Editor’s note: On Tuesday, we published a letter from Robert Coleman of Longwood asking, with sincerity and respect, why Democrats chose to be Democrats. We received so many responses that we thought we would open up to all voters in the area. (Coleman’s original letter will be linked on our website.)

So let us know: Republicans, why are you Republicans? Those who chose third parties, what attracted you to this group and why? Those who have decided to abandon all partisan affiliation, what is behind this decision?

We’re not looking for angry, accusatory lists of reasons why the people on the “other side” are horrible people who want to destroy America. Instead, we ask you to answer in the spirit of the original question: what attracted you to your current political affiliation? Or, as Coleman put it, “But what I would really like to hear is the fundamental reasons why they believe in the Democratic/Liberal program for America. Some real fundamental reasons.

We’ll post the best on Sunday and put more (so many more!) responses online. We look forward to hearing from you.

– Opinion staff

Sunday’s article on I-4 traffic is a dishonest ploy to redirect blame. The opening sentence equates the “worst traffic malfunction in the country” with the recently completed I-4 Ultimate rebuild. The I-4 Ultimate project reorganized I-4 from Kirkman Road east of Longwood. The newspaper article correctly defines the Kirkman Road problem west of the US 27 interchange; a section of I-4 that was not part of the I-4 Ultimate project.

I totally agree that I-4 between Kirkman Road and US 27 is a dysfunctional mess. My assessment of the traffic problem is that there are too many cars trying to access a single road and drivers from all over the United States and the world with different driving styles mixed together on a high volume road and at high density. But that’s not the result of the recent I-4 update.

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Unfortunately, this is the kind of article I expect from Sentinel.

Frank Bigham Orlando

In his recent column, Leonard Pitts Jr. asks, “What do they think will happen if a book challenges you, confuses you, or just urges you to see something from a different point of view”? May I suggest that Mr. Pitts pose the same question to Facebook, Twitter, Google, the WHO, the CDC, and any other source that censors ideas that challenge, confuse, or emphasize a different liberal point of view?

Mark W. Needham Clermont

I’m perplexed by Sunday’s political cartoon.

Everything I read showed that the people of Martha’s Vineyard went to extraordinary lengths to care for immigrants who unexpectedly landed there. Why would Dana Summers submit a cartoon belittling their efforts? Where did he get this erroneous information? Why would you post it?

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