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Why going straight to the device is a winning game for political campaigns – TVREV

“If you’re thinking about where you can really manage your political money and engage in key protests, you should probably think about us,” notes Nyma Quidwai, Senior Director of Client Services at VIZIO. “VIZIO provides you with a highly engaged political audience. Just take a look at some of the stats – 87% of VIZIO viewers identify with a political party, 75% of VIZIO TVs have watched news content in the past year, up 32% than the 2020 election cycle. Beyond that, we see that 38% of Vizio TVs are in homes in key swing states, where the bulk of this year’s political spending is taking place.

ALAN WOLK (AW): How does streaming fit into the larger effort to reach audiences?

NYMA QUIDWAI (NQ): Our ACR data gives us insight into the ads that played on any VIZIO-enabled TV, both streaming and linear. Since most households watch both, this is a key benefit. We can then take that data and retarget any user in that household to their other devices. This means, for example, that you can target users who regularly watch a specific type of news content on their VIZIO TVs and reach them on mobile. This type of data is not available with linear and that is why campaigns that understand the value of digital style data shift more budget to streaming and platforms like VIZIO that can provide them with this data.

AW: Do you have a team dedicated to helping political campaigns navigate the CTV landscape?

ND: Absolutely. We have a fully dedicated client success team that truly understands the nuances of political advertising. Whether it’s large-scale targeting, real-time optimizations, or tactical recommendations on how to leverage and use our ACR data, we’re truly here to help our clients every step of the way. . And like any investment our partners make in the Vizio advertising platform, it all starts with strategy and goals and true collaboration on best practices to achieve them.

AW: Overfrequency (when the same ad airs multiple times in the same household during the same show) can be a problem for brands that advertise on CTV. How can you help political campaigns avoid this?

Like all of our advertisers, Political Campaigns can monitor and manage how often their ads are viewed on a specific TV device. So if a household is exposed to an ad three times in a linear purchase, and it needs to be shown six times optimally, we can bridge that difference. Or if the ad ran eight times in a linear fashion, we may recommend the advertiser use a different creative. We can even recommend the best times to run the ads you buy from us to create the most impact possible within the parameters of your frequency cap requirements.

AW: What kind of performance data can you provide for political campaigns?

ND: All of our campaigns offer the ability to measure performance. At a minimum, we can provide verified numbers on reach and frequency of focus so advertisers know what they’re getting. But we may also work with VIZIO Analytics to correlate your advertising exposure on our platform to activities such as visiting a web page or signing up for more information. Again, this is something you don’t get from a purely linear purchase.

AW: Do you expect to see any innovations in political campaign ad formats this year, like QR codes or other advanced options?

ND: Overall, advertisers are getting very smart about using calls to action and engagement with our CTV platform. So when it comes to soliciting specific actions, most of these campaigns ask consumers to vote, which you can’t do with QR codes. But one of the reasons political campaigns love working directly with VIZIO is that we have a team fully dedicated to supporting their goals. So we might be able to come up with some creative ideas for interactive messaging, and because we own the device, we’re able to create a very holistic messaging strategy. So we’re looking forward to seeing how we can go further with our political clients to build and create those unique experiences using the tools we have in-house.